How Long Does it Take You to Knit a Pair of Socks?

I am wondering how long it takes people to knit a pair of socks.

Of course, many variables affect sock-knitting speed, including –
Weight of the yarn
Needle size
Complexity of pattern
Length of sock
Experience and skill of the knitter

Still, I bet that many/most/lots of knitted socks are knit in fingering weight yarn, on needles between sizes 0 and 3.
The other variables, well, I guess they vary.

I also notice there are a boatload of sock knitting clubs
that send new sock yarn every month.
Are sock club knitters really ready for more sock yarn and another sock pattern each month, or do they have immense stashes of sock yarn?
I’m betting on the big stash theory, because sock yarn is irresistible.
Even I have a big basket of sock yarn, and I haven’t knit any socks!

Last night I dreamed that I started knitting socks for everyone in my family for Christmas, and that I was finishing about a sock an hour – truly just a dream. But, it got me wondering …..

7 responses to “How Long Does it Take You to Knit a Pair of Socks?

  1. It takes me about a month to knit a pair of stockinette socks. If they are patterned, it takes closer to 2 months. I get bored very easily, so I’m often working on at least 1/2 dozen projects at once. My sock yarn stash too, is out of control. I’ve got enough sock yarn to knit about 30 pairs of socks, and I already have close to 20 knit, that I wear.

  2. I work full time, and if I really work on them, I can turn out a sock a week, so two weeks will give me a pair. I usually use a size 1 needle and do patterned socks.

  3. Still haven’t figured out how to knit yet, but I am learning to crochet. Using a size K needle (huge, I know), I can crochet a pair of Mary Jane footie socks in two hours. No where near the same as actual knit socks, and I’m envious (as well as inspired) of your ability, but does this count? Lol


  4. The main reason I learned how to knit was so I could knit socks. I’m now almost done with my second pair. ^^
    I would say that total knitting time for me is around about six hours, but it takes me a few weeks since I work a lot and have to fit knitting into small time frames. (I’m knitting the Jacquards and Stripes pattern by Patons with Patons sock yarn on size 2 DPNs)
    Also, if you knit or crochet, you should check out
    It’s a great community, and they have so many patterns! You can search people’s projects and stashes and see pics of their finished pieces.

  5. I can make a socks in just 2 hours. The pattern I use is very simple and I just need a pair of ordinary knitting needles. Not the DPNs.

  6. I can make a socks in just 2 hours. The pattern I use is very simple and I just need a pair of ordinary knitting needles. Not the DPNs. <a href="; Click here for the pattern.

  7. I have been knitting socks, sweaters and baby clothes all my life andthey all vary vastly with the type of yarn I use. In regards to sox, if they are multi-coloured or patterned it takes a little longer. With what is commonly known as buffalo wool (#1; very heavy yarn) it takes me four hours of steady non-stop knitting. To knit a pair of loose knit sox from #2 or #3 yarn (medium thick) it takes a full three hours. To knit a pair of light spring or fall soxs, using #3 wool or cotton with a medium tight weave, it can take up to three hours as well.

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