UFO Update

At the beginning of the year, I lined up my Unfinished Objects and made a Master Plan.

I decided that during 2009 every WIP must be
Finished, Frogged, or Flung (into the void).
Time to check in on the plan.

1. Scarf for my father – Finished!
2. Ribbon bag – just needs to be put together, which is actually probably where it was a year ago.

Frogged, Flung, or otherwise Disposed Of:
1. Lace scarf – I sent the yarn, the book, and the swatch to Nora.
2. Scarf for Lydia – Flung! It was just too stupid, so I’ve started a new one and gave the stupid yarn to the thrift shop.
3. Baby Sweater: I gave the pieces to Laura/Painty to do with as she wants.

1. Afghans for Afghans I like this one, but it’s still not done.
2. Socks ‘O Doom for Nora.
3. Cardigan for me – lost interest.
4. Ribbed wool scarf – I like it, but don’t know anyone who wants it.
5. Entrelac scarf – lost interest.

New UFO’s:
1. Secret Knitting Project for Recession Swap.
This one is coming along fine, pictures to follow!
2. Replacement scarf for Lydia.
Started this yesterday, it’ll be a snap.
3. Secret Garden Shawl.
Best project of the year!
4. Todos Scarf.
The project was fun & I hope to finish it soonl.

Other FOs:
1. Silk scarf for my sister-in-law
2. Various bookmarks, etc.
3. Bright wool scarf.
4. Swatches of gossamer yarn.

Planned Projects:
1. Enchanted Woods Shawl.
2. Stacy shawl.
3. Prettier socks for Nora.

One response to “UFO Update

  1. Sounds a lot like my UFO update would… if I was brave enough to make it public! There are a bunch tucked away in the back of my laundry room that I’m deliberately ignoring…

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