Daily Archives: September 6, 2010

Reasons to Blog?

I’ve been thinking about the reasons that people blog.
A Random List of Reasons to Blog:
Find like-minded souls who agree with you about [Subject of Interest]
or share your passion for [Your Current Obssession].
Keep your friends & fans up to date on your thrilling life, without individual letters or calls.
Show off your brilliance, clever insights, and hilarious sense of humor.
Keep from going mad because of [Your Life Circumstance Here].
Record wise advice and insights that your kids don’t want to hear. (*cough* me? *cough*)
Write what cracks you up, bugs you, or Needs to Be Said. (*cough* me again? *cough*)
Satisfy urge for public personal exhibitionism.
Create a record of your ins & outs, your ups & downs during a difficult passage.
Practice for a planned transition to Full Time [Your New Career Here],
such as author, consultant, or artist.
Share information, ideas, tips, or photographs about [Your Focus Here].
Record your Life History and the Way Things Were.
Get needed advice about [Your Hobby Here].
Drum up support or raise money for [Your Cause Here].
Track progress of [Something].
Sell something online.

Any others?
Are some “good” reasons and others “bad” reasons?