Daily Archives: September 7, 2010

What I See Now!

It’s been about five weeks since I had eye surgery (scleral buckle and vitrectomy),
and my vision is finally starting to improve!

What I see with my left eye, the normal one:

Here is what I see with both eyes (getting better!)

And here is how it looks with my right eye (the recovering one).

Juried Craft Market with No Knitters …. Yet!

This morning I received an email about the The Handmade Market.
I checked their website and noticed that, as of May 2010, they no designers who
work in Knitting, Needle Felting, Yarn, or another fiber-related art.
Nor does their Application seem to anticipate such applicants.

However, this might be a golden opportunity for the right person!
Even if the Handmade Market has added fiber-y artists since their web list was posted,
this area is still likely to be much less competitive and crowded than some other crafts.

Who wants to apply first?

A Pretty Photo of the Young'un

As my mom used to say, “Water rises higher than its source”

A Pretty Photo of the Young’un

As my mom used to say, “Water rises higher than its source”