2011 UFO Parade, Part 2 – All Over but the Finishing

It’s really stupid that I have so many UFOs that are actually finished,
except for the finishing, if that makes sense. And here they are:

A little item I call “Play Safely” – just the right size for …. safety.

There and Back Again Accessories Mosaic change purse, designed by Susan Pandorf:

Ribbon Yarn Bag
I can’t believe I finished the knitting on this two years ago! This must be finished! I’ve found lining fabric, buttons, etc.

Last Category – Emergency or “Idiot” Knitting that can be done anywhere.
Prime example, this silly scarf:

One response to “2011 UFO Parade, Part 2 – All Over but the Finishing

  1. I’m in the same situation — took a pledge to resolve all my unfinished projects! Your mosaic change purse is beautiful…

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