2011 UFO Parade

This year’s plan to reduce the number of UFOs:
Divide into categories:
1. Big projects that require close attention (lace shawls).
2. Emergency knitting projects that can be done anywhere (bookmarks).
3. Projects with all the knitting complete, that lack only finishing, seaming, etc.

New Rules:
Only three at a time, one from each category.
No starting anything new till they’re all done.

Exception to New Rule:
Clubs I’ve already joined – True Colors and Little Mermaid.

Here are the big projects that I need to pay attention to knit successfully:

Ruth’s Tunic

Through the Looking Glass


Louise Harding Cardigan

Those are the tricky ones, that cannot be done while doing six other things. Well, actually, the cardigan isn’t tricky, but it’s big, so I included it. Next post – the other categories!

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