Oh No, Not James!

I confess to watching American Idol for several weeks.
Hey, I have to watch/listen to somethingwhile I knit, right?
I first turned it on because one of the contestants is from nearby.
I returned to watch again because I think James Durbin is a great musician and I just plain liked him.
Here, check out two videos –
Well, I tried to upload YouTube videos but apparently they block that. . . .
But, check out the ones for

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow and San Francisco audition one.

He made it to the top four before being out-voted by the fans of a couple of bland forgettable country-pop singers who look air-brushed. Darn!

One response to “Oh No, Not James!

  1. Robin Holsonback

    Tamsie… I agree !!!!!
    Cannot believe he’s not in the finale. Now I really don’r care who wins.
    I’m done watching the show – it’s obviously for the teeny bops!!!!

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