Folk Festival

I’m going to the Philadelphia Folk Festival this weekend.
It’s been going for 47 years!
This year they’ve planned some changes.

On a personal level, I’m ambivalent.
Pro: It’s wonderful. It’s not in Philadelphia,
but on a farm near where I grew up.
The music is very good, and they define
“folk” to include everything east of jazz
and west of rock, or whatever.
The crowd is relaxed and all ages are there.
I’ll see old friends.
It’s a change of routine.
Great photo opportunities.
I’ll meet my Secret Swappee!
I can knit while watching stuff.
I’ll be by myself, so I can do what I want, talk to strangers, sit and read.
They have a juried craft display with tempting things for sale.
Another Pro: It’s a tradition.
I’ve gone off and on for a million years.

Con: It’s a tradition. Because
I’ve gone off and on for a million years,
there are a lot of memories.
My brother volunteered there.
He even went just before he died.
I remember stuff that happened, folks who are gone, etc.
Con: I’ll be by myself and everyone else will have a date.
My sister-in-law will be there, which might be weird.
It’s a long drive.
I’ll miss my husband not being there too.
Plus, I feel like he’s annoyed I’m skipping off to take a little vacation.
YT can’t come.
The Folk Fest is always hot in the day and cold and rainy every night.
I’ll be tempted to buy stuff.

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