Ravelympics 2008 – WIP Wrestling

I joined the Kudzu team of Ravelympics, and signed up for the WIP Wrestling event. (note: WIP = “work in progress”). The funny thing is that, since the Olympics started, I have felt totally justified in focusing on my Louisa Harding sweater to the exclusion of other knitting projects. This completely arbitrary, symbolic “deadline” is having the desired effect.

Another piece of good news is this: Evan brought my camera home with him, and yesterday I bought Photoshop Elements 6. This means that I can replace the awful “photos” of other knitting projects (pix taken with a cell phone), with better ones!

One response to “Ravelympics 2008 – WIP Wrestling

  1. Weird isn’t it? Virtual deadline + Virtual team = Real finished object!! Hooray! Go Team Kudzu 🙂

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