For Hillary Supporters – Some Reasons to Support Obama

I have a friend who is a devoutly fierce and extremely dissapointed supporter of Hillary Clinton. She is politically liberal and generally agreed with Obama’s views on the issues, but she considered Hillary to be better prepared, she is put off by Michelle Obama, she thinks the process was somewhat unfair.

(Note: we don’t agree on this. I think Obama will be a great president, and don’t get me started on who played fair, who ran a more skilled campaign, or why people skills are relevant to being a successful president.)

She was lamenting the fact that she doesn’t want to vote for McCain but also doesn’t have any enthusiasm for supporting Obama. I have been thinking of reasons why a dissapointed Hillary supporter might become an enthusiastic Obama supporter. Please add your own reasons!

A supporter of Hillary Clinton might want to vote for Barack Obama –

1. Because his positions on the issues are almost identical to Hillary’s.
The much-discussed differences in their health care ideas will be subsumed entirely by the much greater difference between what either of them would want in an ideal world and what the congress is realistically likely to pass.

2. Because, like sexism, racism is an evil to be fought.

3. Because there is so very much at stake that sulking is irresponsible – fair or unfair, it is now a choice between Obama and McCain. Obama is much much brighter, more thoughtful, more self-disciplined, and more morally upright, inspiring, progressive, and on-the-ball than John McCain.

4. Because Obama will protect our daughters’ right to reproductive choice, and won’t send our sons off to fight a war unless it’s more necessary than this one was.

5. Because the next president will appoint Supreme Court justices, and will make decisions about global warming, economic justice, taxes, social programs, and environmental policies that will have a tremendous impact on our children and grandchildren. Obama will do a better job by far. See #3 above, too much at stake to sit on the sidelines pouting.

6. Because Hillary is now supporting Obama.

7. Because, ultimately, it doesn’t matter worth a tinker’s damn if you or I find Michelle Obama charming or annoying; if we like or dislike Hillary’s pantsuits, which candidate we’d rather have a beer with or go bowling with — and at this point it no longer matters a damn whether the process was fair, whether the media was biased, whether Bill Clinton is a jerk, whether Keith Olberman ought to be shot. None of that matters in making the decision who to vote for in November. We have MOVED ON to a different phase of the election, and see #3 above, there’s too much at stake.

8. Because I would have gotten excited about Hillary if she won, I promise.

9. Because McCain has chosen a far-far-right, totally unqualified woman as his vice presidential choice. You want Sarah – “teach all sides of the evolution debate (what debate?),” global warming is a myth, abortion should be illegal, if you won’t fire my brother in law then I’ll fire you, never lived anywhere but Alaska, never shown any interest in foreign affairs – Palin, you want her with her hand on the proverbial button?? Lord have mercy.

10. Because we really truly can’t afford four years of McCain.

11. Because I’m asking you to, pretty please with sugar on top.

12. Because Obama likes cats!

13. Because Biden really could step in on a moment’s notice if he had to.

14. Because, regardless of the reasons why, it is exciting to see so many new voters and people excited about Obama.

15. Because I cried when I first saw the Yes.We.Can video, and you know why? Because I found myself thinking basically “The kids are okay. We did okay raising them. They can take it from here.”

More reasons to follow, but right now I have a few kitties to feed and some knitting to do.
Thanks for reading all this!

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