Quelle Surprise from "Quelle Surprise"!!

Just look!!



Thank you!!
It’s too bad you can’t feel how soft the yarn is!
“Quelle Surprise” really figured me out. She sent enough Peruvian wool/alpaca/nylon sock yarn for a pair of socks, and the colorway is a mixture of lovely colors. AND two skeins! of Mishi baby llama in burnt orange. But, my absolute favorite might be the kittycat buttons.
Merci beaucoup, Quelle Surprise!

2 responses to “Quelle Surprise from "Quelle Surprise"!!

  1. That is a nice package. Love the kitty buttons. I made a hat recently out of the Miski yarn and loved it. So soft. And I absolutely love the other yarn you received.

  2. Cute buttons! But, I love the red yarn best. It’s so vibrant and it looks so soft.

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