Impromptu Contest to Win Knitted Bookmark

The post before this one consists of photos of my gorgeous (except for Miranda) cats. They are Blue, Tupac, Miranda, and YT.
Contest Question: What is the origin of the name YT?
First person to answer this without using Google wins a hand-knitted bookmark. (Honor system in effect).

Contest opens . . . now!
Contest closes . . . oh, sometime before the inauguration of our new president.

2 responses to “Impromptu Contest to Win Knitted Bookmark

  1. I have no idea what YT means without Googling, let alone its origin.

    Yellow Tabby?

    You Tube?

    Is there a cat in Cats with YT initials? All I can remember is McCavity the Mystery Cat.

    Just dropped in to see your swap goodies….

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