Duke Hospital Visit: Review

Sunday morning:
I have to take my father to the Duke Eye Center this morning.
(crossing fingers)

Monday morning:
Review of Duke Hospital:
1. Medical care – the important thing.
The nurses and doctors were kindly, patient with my dad’s longish answers to questions, competent, and reassuring.
2. Physical facility:
Really dirty, like no one cleaned/washed/vacuumed in a week.
3. Cafeteria:
Okay. Par for the course.
4. Gift Shop:
Substandard: crowded, understocked, and staff lacked information.
5. Security:
Ridiculous!! They actually have a rule against knitting!
Even the airlines don’t do that!
It’s just stupid, since they have never ever ever had any kind of incident in the hospital involving knitting needles. No, it’s NOT a matter of “better safe than sorry” it’s stupid. There should be SOME dim connection between the item being seized and the likelihood of it’s being misused, other than “Um, it’s sharp?” ANYTHING can be used for ill, including ballpoint pens, fists, a pocketbook slung at someone, a waiting room lamp thrown at someone, a shoe, etc.
Rant, rant rant . . .

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