Daily Archives: February 2, 2009

Valentine Knitted Lace Bookmark

I bought some delightfully scritchy Noro yarn, sock weight, dark pinky-purple, and have started, frogged, restarted a lace heart bookmark. It looks best with size zero needles, but then it’s so tiny I can only do it in full sunlight.

I’ll add a photo when I get home
(NOT that I’m blogging at work, no never!)

Hmmnn . . . might be a good idea to have different projects for different settings?

Eyeball Headache

I am now about to indulge in that most boring of all blogging activities, the Random Gripe that is of No General Interest to anyone but Me.

To wit: I have a headache behind my left eyeball that is driving me nuts. eye

Whoa – cool graphic, except it might give someone a headache!