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UFO Thumbnail Line Up

Okay, all together, my collection of unfinished objects:

Blue scarf for my dad.


A scarf for my coworker, Lydia:

Socks for Nora, my daughter:

Entrelac scarf for ????

Baby sweater for my cousin’s baby, Diego:

Cardigan for me!

Lace scarf for ????

Afghan for an Afghan.

Ribbon Yarn bag.

Soft wool ribbed scarf for ???

Now to extract some Important Lessons from the UFOs.

My Favorite UFOs

The last group of UFOs! I saved the best for last.
These are items that I’m really looking forward to
working on, as soon as I clear out the underbrush.

Number Seven is an afghan I’m making as part of the
Afghans for Afghans project.
I just posted about it, so there it is.

Number Eight is a bag knit from ribbon yarn.
I’ve finished the main sections. Now I need to:
(a) make a lining from the scarf I found at the thrift shop;
(b) sew it all together;
(c) make an I cord from the other ribbon yarn, and;
(d) sew the button on.
Look! It’s pretty!

UFO Number Whatever Number I’m Up To is my first
lace scarf, barely started. It also was part of a class.
It’s lovely yarn and, like the ribbed scarf, its recipient
may become clear when it’s done.
Coupla Pix:

UFO the Last I Hope is a Louisa Harding cardigan begun
last summer. I am determined to finish it.
It’s hard to tell, but the yarn is kind of sparkly.

More UFOs!

The UFOs in this group suffer from Diminished Knitter Enthusiasm,
for various reasons.

UFO Four is an entrelac scarf. It’s pretty, isn’t it?
But . . . the yarn is scratchy,
I have a zillion yards of it, and it takes forever.

Proposed solution: finish current skein,
and see if it isn’t long enough to give to
someone with a tough neck. Here ’tis:


Number Five is a baby sweater.
I made it in a class taught by the same wonderful woman
who taught the entrelac scarf class. It’s almost done.
I still have to do neck edging, and sewing it together.
Not much pressure to finish, but I will, on general principle.
Even though I’m really bored with it. Here it is:

The last one in this group is UFO Six.
Nice scarf, goes quickly, I like it, and maybe
when it’s done, I’ll figure out who it belongs to!

I feel myself getting bored with this Listing UFOs Project.
Just like I get bored with interminable scarves.
Hmmnnnn. ADD knitter?

Anyhoo, here are a couple photos of this scarf:

Meet the Contestants

This is part two of my master plan to conquer UFOs.
Click here for Part One.

Let’s meet my UFOs, shall we?
A confession: I counted ten of them this morning.

First, here are three that I pretty much have to finish,
even if I don’t have as much enthusiasm as I’d like.

1. First Contestant is a scarf for my co-worker, Lydia.
Let’s call the scarf “Lydia”
How much I like it: Not at all.
I hate the Lydia scarf, because (due to knitter error),
its dimensions change like an eight year old making a
“hubba hubba” gesture. I hate that it’s all garter stitch,
I hate that it’s made of a super-soft man made fiber, and
I hate how I messed up the keyhole opening.
Degree of Pressure to Finish it: 100%.
I have to finish it. Lydia has already seen it, she likes it,
and she terms the mistakes “creative.” Sigh.
So, even though I hate to give someone a gift that I
don’t think reflects my true talent,
– or, worse yet, maybe it does! –
I must finish it. And soon. So, that’s why this awful
thing is at the top of the list.
Sigh. Here it is:



The second UFO is a scarf for my dad.
How I feel about it:
I wish the edges were smoother.
It’s a nice design and nice yarn.
The pattern is restful (read: mindless),
which makes it good for TV.

Degree of Pressure to Finish: 100%.
My dad leaves for Florida in a week,
and it was supposed to be a Christmas present.
And here is Contestant Two:

Contestant UFO Number Three:
Socks for Nora, begun about two years ago.
How I feel about them:
I’ll be proud to finish them.
But, why did I pick such dull yarn?

Pressure to Finish: 85%
I really should finish them, they are almost done,
and they are for my daughter, after all.
I’ve just gotten a wee bit bored with them, y’know?
* Yawn * Here they are:


Hey, they might be okay after all!
And she has been patient with the long delay.

So, there are the first three.