Arrival of Second Swap Package!!

Guess what I found in the mailbox yesterday? The second
Warm Ewe Up package from my Spoiler, “Quelle Surprise.”

It’s lovely!! Just look: warmeweup2nd1

The softest ever merino/camel yarn, in 3 favorite colors.
How did she know I have a weakness for exotic fibers?

Spring green sock yarn!

. . . cute little post-its with cute little kitties . . .

Hemp yarn – and I was just reading about hemp and
thinking it would be fun to try!

Finally, mini-yarn balls for my I-cords!


Now, I know what you’re thinking, but No!
You can’t have Quelle Surprise, she’s MY spoiler!

One response to “Arrival of Second Swap Package!!

  1. She is a magnifique spoiler!

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