Master Plan for UFOs

Does anyone else remember Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre?
In one episode, Puss ‘n Boots, the cat says in a purring voice,
“It’s all part of my plan . . . my master plan . . . ”
My husband and I have been repeating that line ever since
the kids watched that a million times in the 1980’s.

So, anyway, the plan is this:

I will not start anything new until all the UFOs are resolved
one way or another.
Either finished, frogged, or flung away.
Hey! I like that!

New Motto: UFOs must be Finished, Frogged or Flung!

3 responses to “Master Plan for UFOs

  1. I think from now on I’m going to do one thing at a time. I know at work I do several things at once but with my knitting where I really need “quality” I need focus as well. I also have noticed lately that when I have too many things on the go that I do feel more stressed and like I’m not making as much headway. I’m trying to fit some other things in my life too…like fitness. And trying to get back to learning spanish.

  2. Once I “finish, frog, or fling” my 10 UFOs, I’ll be okay with having a coupla three going at once. I’ve read that it’s good for your wrists to be knitting with varied sized needles, etc. But, it’s just gotten out of hand, having so many. I need to focus, like you say, and make decisions, etc.

  3. I started on this master plan once. Whatever happened to it, I wonder?

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