Adorable Wee Rainbow Knitted Pouch


I made this yesterday as a prototype. The next one will be neater, with different seams and a deeper flap-over. Still, I think it’s so cute –


My new scheme to begin making money from knitting is a series of items in rainbow yarn. In addition to their general appeal, I’m going to use them as HIV/AIDS awareness-raising vehicles. I have a close friend who is gay and has kind of brought my attention to some of these issues. It occured to me that I could donate 25% of the proceeds to an appropriate charity. I like this idea.

2 responses to “Adorable Wee Rainbow Knitted Pouch

  1. Good for you! The rainbow variegated yarn and raising HIV/AIDS awareness is perfect. I’ve been doing something similar as little gift pouches/coin purses for family members. It’s always nice to give or receive something handmade.

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