Plurk – Time Absorber Extraordinaire!

I’m enjoying PLURK since I joined it a few days ago. But, be warned – highly addictive!

2 responses to “Plurk – Time Absorber Extraordinaire!

  1. Is plurk like twitter? I took a quick look. I’ve never looked at twitter but it looked to be the same idea…short posts….is that what it is?

  2. Both use short posts. I signed up for Plurk in order to participate in an online KAL organized by Unique Sheep .
    What I like about it is the generally relaxed friendly atmosphere. I’ve done my time in some difficult online communities where I was never ever able to be cool enough. This seems more peaceful.
    Plurk has more cutsie visual things than Twitter, but it isn’t as cluttered as Facebook, which is just a barrage of links, ads, etc. Anyhoo, if you check it out, I’m on there under my real name, Tamsie.

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