Daily Archives: September 12, 2009

Cat Toy Cat Fight!

I’m in the Ravelry Kitty Toy Swap group. Today I received a wonderful box of kitty toys and a cat mat. My favorite part, as a human, was a skein of mohair/silk laceweight yarn !

My plan was to pose these goodies on the table
for a couple of still life photos, like this:

With a few pictures highlighting the yarn, like this –

The best laid plans of mice and men and cats, right?
First YT noticed the catnip wafting over from the table ..

No sooner had she started to play with the catnip toys …

Then Tupac arrived on the scene …

At first he “shared” the catnip mice ..

But, then he “encouraged” her to leave …

As YT’s tail vanished over the side of the table,
Tupac settles down to play with the catnip!

So it goes with these wild felines!
THANK YOU for the kitty toys, the Eucalan wash, the mat, and (as a non-feline) the yarn!