Daily Archives: September 19, 2009

If I Won the Lottery?

I’m going to define “winning the lottery” as
“suddenly coming into enough money to do whatever I want”
because, as long as this is a fantasy, why not think big?

First, okay, I’d do all the boring stuff,
pay off all our debts, pay the debts of my nearest and dearest,
and invest enough of the lottery winnings to live on.

Next, a private jet, because I’ll be traveling and
public airports are no fun.

I’d also buy a little real estate, such as –
1. A victorian house next to the Panhandle park in San Francisco.
2. A charming old cottage about an hour inland from the Riviera.
3. I’d also buy 45 acres right here and build a comfortable,
(but not fancy) house with lots of porches.

Then, I’d start Doing Good. Lots of Good!