Daily Archives: September 24, 2009

Sock Yarn & Hand Knit Socks

I have a lot of sock yarn.
I have sock yarn in stripes, in shades, in solid colors.
I have Gradience sock yarn, small skeins whose colors evolve and change.
I have soft sock yarn and scratchy sock yarn.
Sock yarn I bought because the profits were for a worthy cause.
Sock yarn that captivated me while on vacation.
Sock yarn I received as a gift.
Sock yarn I bought as a gift but couldn’t part with.
Expensive sock yarn made from unusual fibers.
Cheaper sock yarn made from basic Model A sheep’s wool.

I own no fewer than ten books of instruction
about how to knit socks.
I have, in addition to all the patterns in all those books,
dozens of patterns that I’ve downloaded, printed, and
placed behind the “Socks” tab in a binder.

What I don’t have is a single pair of hand-knit socks!
I’ve never even worn a pair of hand-knit socks.

I do have one pair of half-knit socks,
that I started about two years ago, for my daughter.

What’s up with this??