Yarn Winding Emergency

Okay, I’m crying wolf, it isn’t really an “emergency,” I just wanted to get your attention.
I finally bought a yarn winder and swift, set it up, and gleefully wound a skein of malabrigo worsted.

Then I ran into trouble. I opened a skein of lovely fingering weight silk/merino yarn, put it over the swift, and then – and only then – cut the tag and the know. So, I know I put it on the way it was meant to be. I tried to wind it, but it’s all twisted around and under itself. So I gave up, and took photos.

This is the yarn sitting on the bed, showing an end.

As I started winding it, the end is running under the skein, like this:

Instead of unwinding, it has to be hand-woven under and around, every other round:

Even when I wound the first bit into a ball, it continued to be twisted under itself:

I abandoned that end, and tried to wind it from the other end, but had the same problem:

What does this mean? What do I do?

One response to “Yarn Winding Emergency

  1. Wish I could unwind that for you. I love to unknot things…yarn, gold chains, and more yarn. I get in my favorite chair, watch a movie and start unraveling.

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