Yarn Winding Question, Part Two

I can wind a basic ball of yarn, using my handy-dandy swift and winder,
but I have run into a frequent problem that makes me want to SCREAM.
It’s this:
I remove the label, open the yarn,
and notice that the string holding it together is twisted –
as if the seller had a five foot diameter skein and folded it in half.
So, I try to untwist it,
prepared to expand my umbrella swift to its largest diameter,
but it … won’t. The yarn will not flip over into a single huge skein.
So … I try to wind it and it’s caught on itself every round.
So … I end up winding it by hand, while trying not to scream.
Please, can anyone help?

P.S. I have checked for videos on this.
P.S.S. I have posted this question on the Rav “techniques” board.
P.S.S. This is very annoying.

2 responses to “Yarn Winding Question, Part Two

  1. Perhaps a picture of what you’re experiencing might help? I have experienced where one strand seems to be going the wrong direction, but usually am able to manipulate it. But, I’m using a swift from the Oregon Woodworker, so it’s a bit easier to untangle a skein on than an umbrella swift.

  2. I know you might hate this but if I ever get a f-ed up skein like that I put it around the back of two chairs, pull them away from each other until the skein is stretched out nicely and then hand wind it that way. Yes, you’re still hand balling it but it is a lot easier to deal with.

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