I Love My Newly Finished Scarf!

The yarn is Merisoft hand painted 100% Merino.
The pattern is just a 2 x 2 rib, with a 2 stitch garter edge.
But, the colors!!
I’ve tried to capture how captivating the colorway is.

8 responses to “I Love My Newly Finished Scarf!

  1. Wow – that is just beautiful! I love the colors!

  2. Best of all, it’s warm!

  3. The colors are gorgeous! Great scarf.

    BTW – I like the new look of your blog.

  4. mom- I really like that you’re so into knitting that you use esoteric terminology like “colorway”

    hee hee

  5. LOVE the colorway.

    (btw– anonymous kid 😉 that term is only esoteric if you’re not a knitter! )

  6. true . . . and it’s not very “anonymous” when you start the post with “mom” – I don’t have octuplets or anything!

  7. The scarf makes me smile but the comments make me laugh.

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