A Great Mystery

When I got the mail this afternoon,
it included a skein of yarn from Mama Llama.
The yarn is a lovely soft merino, in a lilac shade,
and “Mama LLama” even included a small bar of soap.
Here’s a photo:

There’s only one weird thing —
I have no idea where it came from. I mean,
I know that physically, it was sent from Texas.
But why? Who? What?
Surely I haven’t reached the point of buying
so much yarn that I forget ordering it?

It’s a mystery. A delightful one at that!

2 responses to “A Great Mystery

  1. ok you scared me!!!!!! Thats not the skein you recieved, that was a picture on the mama llama website and was sent out at the same time the co-op club packages were…. i freaked out a contacted the other lady, she got the proper skein… Phew! you worried me 🙂 I thought I had mixed the packages!

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