Pete & a Grammy & My Cousin-in-Law

Time for some bragging. Y’know my cousin Mai?
I knew you’d remember her.
Well. Y’know Mai’s husband, David Bernz?
Right, that’s the one.
Well, Pete Seeger won a Grammy award for folk music, for the CD
Pete at 89.

David Bernz, my cousin’s husband, or as I’m calling it cousin-in-law, was the Co-Producer of the album. I think that’s pretty cool!

3 responses to “Pete & a Grammy & My Cousin-in-Law

  1. Very cool! I even get excited that my daughter’s old roommate had a small credit on the Incredible Hulk. And he isn’t a relation. I know exactly how you feel!

  2. Hey Tamsie,
    I periodically google david to see what’s new. Funny to find your posting. The statue arrives in a few weeks. We’re going to fight over who gets to take it to school for show and tell first.
    pretty cool.
    ps hi. how are you?

  3. Hey Tamsie,
    Your cousin-in-law did it again. Grammy #2 was awarded yesterday. Check out Pete Seeger and Tomorrow’s Children.
    🙂 m

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