Wanted: My Ideal Cardigan Pattern

I’m looking for a cardigan pattern that:

1. Has a rounded, not vee-neck, neckline, but
2. But doesn’t have a neckline too high or tight.
3. Has conventional, not raglan, sleeves.
4. Is knit in pieces and then sewn.
5. Has a little ribbing at cuffs and bottom edge.
6. Has some bit of interest – lace, cables, a pattern.
7. Does not have bobbles, nups, or other big bumps.
8. Is neither cropped nor down to my butt.
9. Has sleeves that are not super-tight, but
10. Does not have big, floppy bell sleeves.
11. Is pretty.
12. Is knit in fingering, DK, or worsted yarn, but
13. Is not knit in chunky yarn.

This search started with my wish to knit a sweater from this:

Look! It’s a Unique Sheep colorway and it’s named after me!
But, now I wonder if Luxe yarn
is too fine for a sweater, as fingering weight sweaters
I find are either for babies or lacy summer things. Hmmnnnn

Georgie by Sarah Dallas:
Photo found on Ravelry

3 responses to “Wanted: My Ideal Cardigan Pattern

  1. I hope you find the right one. Maybe you can take a plain pattern and just add a bit of lace/cable to it?

  2. I’ve been contemplating that! I have a copy of Sweater Design in Plain English. But, I like this Georgie pattern.

  3. Whoa! You have a yarn named after you? It’s gorgeous and I’m so jealous!

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