The Old Homeplace

Well, my dad is 85 and it’s time to sell the farm where I grew up.
Just the usual Circle of Life business again!

It’s a 150 year old house on 12 acres with outbuildings, meadows, and
a real-life ghost story.

So, I created a blog about it with photos, and here it is:

Shenkel Farm

Hope you like it!

2 responses to “The Old Homeplace

  1. What a great blog! And a beautiful property. I can imagine growing up there was wonderful. So many places to explore. We have about 33 acres here so the kids didn’t spend a lot of time indoors growing up except in the winter. I think they appreciate it more now when they come home to visit. I know they don’t ever want us to sell it but I envision a smaller more retirement friendly property right on the water.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Actually … hard to read almost due to envy. Don’t sell it! That gem is worth keeping in the family. We had to see our acreage recently – one of the hardest decisions we ever made. We had >100 year old barn too 😦

    Great blog btw,

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