UFO Organization and Plans

I am required to attend at least 12 hours of continuing education every year, including a certain number of hours devoted to ethics and to mental health/addiction. The end of February is the deadline for making up a deficit from the year before. Naturally, I owe about 13 hours from last year, including all the mental/ethical hours. So, naturally, I’m taking them all next week, the last week in February. Also, naturally, I’m once again resolving to do CLE bit by bit during 2009.

Meanwhile, next week I have 15 hours of videotaped replays of CLE from the past year. Because these sessions are on videotape, there is no live human to not-understand that I pay attention better while knitting, and no human to be offended at my knitting during the sessions.

You know what this means, don’t you?
Fifteen hours of knitting time!
I hope to use this time to move a few items from UFO status
to the much more satisfying category of FO.
More on this later!
Now, back to work.

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