Meet the Contestants

This is part two of my master plan to conquer UFOs.
Click here for Part One.

Let’s meet my UFOs, shall we?
A confession: I counted ten of them this morning.

First, here are three that I pretty much have to finish,
even if I don’t have as much enthusiasm as I’d like.

1. First Contestant is a scarf for my co-worker, Lydia.
Let’s call the scarf “Lydia”
How much I like it: Not at all.
I hate the Lydia scarf, because (due to knitter error),
its dimensions change like an eight year old making a
“hubba hubba” gesture. I hate that it’s all garter stitch,
I hate that it’s made of a super-soft man made fiber, and
I hate how I messed up the keyhole opening.
Degree of Pressure to Finish it: 100%.
I have to finish it. Lydia has already seen it, she likes it,
and she terms the mistakes “creative.” Sigh.
So, even though I hate to give someone a gift that I
don’t think reflects my true talent,
– or, worse yet, maybe it does! –
I must finish it. And soon. So, that’s why this awful
thing is at the top of the list.
Sigh. Here it is:



The second UFO is a scarf for my dad.
How I feel about it:
I wish the edges were smoother.
It’s a nice design and nice yarn.
The pattern is restful (read: mindless),
which makes it good for TV.

Degree of Pressure to Finish: 100%.
My dad leaves for Florida in a week,
and it was supposed to be a Christmas present.
And here is Contestant Two:

Contestant UFO Number Three:
Socks for Nora, begun about two years ago.
How I feel about them:
I’ll be proud to finish them.
But, why did I pick such dull yarn?

Pressure to Finish: 85%
I really should finish them, they are almost done,
and they are for my daughter, after all.
I’ve just gotten a wee bit bored with them, y’know?
* Yawn * Here they are:


Hey, they might be okay after all!
And she has been patient with the long delay.

So, there are the first three.

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