My Favorite UFOs

The last group of UFOs! I saved the best for last.
These are items that I’m really looking forward to
working on, as soon as I clear out the underbrush.

Number Seven is an afghan I’m making as part of the
Afghans for Afghans project.
I just posted about it, so there it is.

Number Eight is a bag knit from ribbon yarn.
I’ve finished the main sections. Now I need to:
(a) make a lining from the scarf I found at the thrift shop;
(b) sew it all together;
(c) make an I cord from the other ribbon yarn, and;
(d) sew the button on.
Look! It’s pretty!

UFO Number Whatever Number I’m Up To is my first
lace scarf, barely started. It also was part of a class.
It’s lovely yarn and, like the ribbed scarf, its recipient
may become clear when it’s done.
Coupla Pix:

UFO the Last I Hope is a Louisa Harding cardigan begun
last summer. I am determined to finish it.
It’s hard to tell, but the yarn is kind of sparkly.

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