More UFOs!

The UFOs in this group suffer from Diminished Knitter Enthusiasm,
for various reasons.

UFO Four is an entrelac scarf. It’s pretty, isn’t it?
But . . . the yarn is scratchy,
I have a zillion yards of it, and it takes forever.

Proposed solution: finish current skein,
and see if it isn’t long enough to give to
someone with a tough neck. Here ’tis:


Number Five is a baby sweater.
I made it in a class taught by the same wonderful woman
who taught the entrelac scarf class. It’s almost done.
I still have to do neck edging, and sewing it together.
Not much pressure to finish, but I will, on general principle.
Even though I’m really bored with it. Here it is:

The last one in this group is UFO Six.
Nice scarf, goes quickly, I like it, and maybe
when it’s done, I’ll figure out who it belongs to!

I feel myself getting bored with this Listing UFOs Project.
Just like I get bored with interminable scarves.
Hmmnnnn. ADD knitter?

Anyhoo, here are a couple photos of this scarf:

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