Good Things About the "Late 50's"

My birthday in a few weeks will put me irretrievably into my “late 50’s” if I’m not there already. To celebrate, I’ve decided to list some of the good things about this advanced age.

1. Amusing and/or aggravating younger people by pretending to be confused about “modern terminology” as for example referring to “those internet things you do, My Face and Space Book” when I know perfectly well what they’re called.

2. Unabashed kitten-doting-on. What’s the point of being an old lady if you can’t talk baby talk to your cats?

3. The ability to get the cashier in the grocery store to open a new register when the lines are too long, simply by giving her the look. Hey, they know that when there are 8 people waiting, they’re supposed to roust the folks out of the break room, my puzzled eyebrow and furrowed brow are just a little reminder!

4. Actually having the occasional helpful insight or words of wisdom, assuming anyone wants to hear them.

5. Really, the whole birth-control device thing isn’t the fun part about being a girl, is it?

More to follow!

2 responses to “Good Things About the "Late 50's"

  1. According to my mom, who is about your age, now that she is “an old lady” she doesn’t have to do anything that she doesn’t want to do. So if a knitting project is annoying her, she just switches to something else. If she doesn’t want to fix dinner, she just eats a bowl of spinach greens or cereal. Basically she isn’t doing things just b/c she feels like she is “supposed to” anymore but is focusing on doing things that are important to her, that make her happy, etc.

  2. YOU are not OLD, at all. and yes that birth control thing really sucked, but I’m not liking these HOT flashes. On the bright side, people don’t mess with me when I’m having one. So I guess they kinda are like power surges.

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