Lace shawl insight leads to giggles!

Since I joined the Enchanted Wood shawl KAL,
I’ve dithered and debated about which color or colors to pick,
considering what would flatter my complexion,
go with my wardrobe, or match a particular outfit.
I’ve waffled among bright sunset colors,
cool acquarium shades, and “useful” neutrals.
This morning it suddenly hit me —
It doesn’t matter.

No, I DON’T mean that “it doesn’t matter” because
“It’s not important and life is too short.”
I mean it doesn’t matter because,
no matter how gorgeous the colors, how meticulous the stitching –
I’ll probably never wear it!

This KAL is many things for me –
It’s a fun recreational activity.
It’s a very congenial online social group.
It’s an enjoyable way to learn new knitting skills.
I’ll make an attractive piece of art.
It’s a great way to display and/or show off lace knitting technique.

But, in my actual life, I’m likely to spend about as much time
picturesquely gathering a shawl around my shoulders
as I do in a hula skirt!
It might be fun to be that person who, in classic feline fashion,
tucks her paws/feet under her on the couch,
arranges her curls and tugs her long skirt (or skinny jeans)
over her bare feet (or stiletto heels),
and settles down to sip tea, read a new mystery,
and reflect on the mysteries of life.

But in real life?
I’m always doing something, usually something that requires both hands and might well include spilled tomato sauce, cat scratches, potting soil, dishwater, a dropped cup of coffee, or all of the above.
I hardly ever get cold and often wear tee shirts all winter.
I don’t go to church, attend openings,
pay social calls, or sit on the veranda.
I don’t remember any event ever where I actually thought
“You know what’s missing? A nice beaded lace shawl!”

I find this realization very liberating.
The KAL is fun. It’s a game. It’s a work of art.
It’s led me to resolve to increase my shawl-wearing activities.
More time drinking tea on the couch!
Time to go to a play or concert!
But, I’m going to quit acting like this is Serious Business
as if I’m making a super-practical, never-seen-without-it,
one-to-wash-one-to-wear workhorse for daily chores in the barn.
It can be any colors I feel like playing with,
looking at, or draping on the couch!

6 responses to “Lace shawl insight leads to giggles!

  1. It’s not the art that is fine – it is the artist.

    Grand post – keep knitting, purring and blogging.

  2. I think this revelation will make you much happier as a knitter! I figured this same thing out about myself a while ago– I often love knitting things that I don’t actually see myself wearing much. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy knitting it! And even if the finished shawl isn’t the BEST color or shape or whatever style for me, it is still nice to wear around the house or drape over the back of a couch!

  3. YAY! It is very liberating to realise that actually in the big scheme of things it doesn’t matter πŸ™‚

    I wear shawls all the time ( usually wound round my neck like a scarf) – but I seem to have far more shawls that I will ever need – does that stop me knitting/designing more? – Not on your life!

    For me in many cases it is the thrill of seeing the pattern take shape on the needles ( or in my head) – not the finished product that matters.

    As I have got more and more in to designing and am now designing for other people using yarns in colours and weights that are not in my usual comfort zone I am realising more and more that for me it is the process of designing and producing the garment that I enjoy,
    Some of my designs I would never wear in a million years – not because I don’t like them, but because either they are too warm for my climate or don’t fit my lifestyle.

    I can always find an excuse to wear a shawl though πŸ™‚

  4. nice to realise you can do it just for fun and you own πŸ™‚

  5. I thought the same thing before I started knitting shawls. I thought knitting a shawl was some silly kind of rite of passage to becoming a knitter and ended up with a drawer full of shawls that “didn’t count as real shawls”. The weird thing is, whatever the did count as, I was using them. I use them in the office when it’s 90 outside and 20 inside. I use them on the bus when the A.C. is set to “ice box”. I use them when curled on the couch watching T.V. or reading, or knitting. Until the gas prices went nuts, I couldn’t go to the movies in the summer without one. Now that the prices are up, they keep the temperatures reasonable to save money. Before? I think it was a contest to see who could make their theater the coldest.

    I have one planned that matches the color of my couch, too. πŸ™‚

  6. I love it, but it’s not helping me make a decision! I’m most likely to use a black shawl, but certainly don’t want to knit one. I want to knit something in gorgeous, saturated glorious colors.

    You’re right — the enjoyment of the knitting is the point.

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